Amino Acids May Help Child Brain Injury Victims Improve Cognitive Functions

We recently added a FAQ to our website about current research on amino acids and their potential value to brain injury victims.  To read more about how amino acids may treat the brain damage that affects cognitive functions in children, click here.
As the “leading cause of death and disability in young children,” (according to the [...]

Child Brain Injury Focus: Cerebral Palsy

One of the many types of child brain injuries we receive questions about is cerebral palsy.  A number of forms of the condition exist; cerebral palsy is simply and umbrella term that refers to a number of neurological disorders which result in abnormal movement.  Cerebral palsy can occur at various times in young children:

during pregnancy
during [...]

Students With Brain Injuries Find Help in New Project for Concussion Management

Some children suffering the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) require unique resources and strategic teaching or study methods in school.  According to optometrist Lynn Helerstein, who treats brain injury patients for vision problems, a new resource has become available– not only for those children– but for those who are working with them.  Although many [...]

Is Your Shopping Cart Safe? Child Brain Injuries & Shopping Cart Falls

Some of the leading causes of head injuries in young children are falls from shopping carts, according to a report from the WIBW news website.  The majority of injuries from shopping carts in the U.S. involve children from ages one to two, with those injuries ranging from head and brain injuries to broken bones.  According [...]

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Gala to Help Families With Brain-Injured Children

The parents of an 8-year-old son who suffered pediatric traumatic brain injury after a 2006 accident, Dawn and Kurt Schessl have become advocates for other child brain injury victims, according to the Catholic Courier online.  The creators of a nonprofit organization aimed to help other families cope after a child brain injury, the Schessls focus [...]

Do Early-Age Brain Injuries Cause ADHD?: The Real Link Between Child Head Injuries and ADHD

Is pediatric brain injury connected to ADHD?  Recent brain injury and mental health research indicate that the answer is YES.  According to the Organized Wisdom website, young children who sustain head and brain injuries are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) when they reach ages 2 through 10 than children who [...]

Conference on Child Brain Injuries to Host Nine Experts in the Field

Charleston, West Virginia is holding a conference on child brain injuries early this November in hopes to address the “silent yet serious epidemic” of brain injury to children, according to The Journal online.  Titled “My Child Has a Brain Injury: Information for Families and Schools,” the conference will host keynote speaker Ron Savage, president of [...]

Bicycle Helmets & Brain Injury Prevention: Should Helmets Be Required for Bike-Riding Children?

According to the Union-Bulletin Editorial Board, more and more children (at least in the board’s area of Walla Walla, Washington) are riding bikes without wearing helmets.  The board believes that the decreasing numbers of children wearing helmets while riding bicycles is due in part to a lack of emphasis on the importance of safety while [...]

High School Football Player, 16, Dies of Brain Injury From Hit During the Game

A high school football player who was hit in the head at a Friday night football game died from fatal brain injuries, according to The Seattle Times.  Andrew Swank, only 16 years old, was a junior defensive back at Valley Christian School.  The Spokane Valley teen reportedly suffered a blow to the head during the [...]

CT Scans Only Necessary in Certain Circumstances? | Child Brain Injury Attorney

Many of the several thousand CT scans conducted per year on children who have suffered head injuries may be unnecessary, according to a new study described on the Brain and Spinal Cord website.  Although CT scans have been the traditional way to detect serious brain injuries in children and other head trauma victims, the new [...]