Mother To Receive From $6.7 to $10.4 Million After Infant Suffered Fatal Brain Injuries in Car Accident September 30, 2009

Following a tragic car accident that resulted in fatal brain injuries to her 4-month-old boy, mother Jessica Malcolm filed a lawsuit against Evenflo, the manufacturer of the child car seat her son was riding in at the time of the crash.  According to an article from Benchmarks/Lawyers USA, Malcolm received the child safety seat from a friend when she was pregnant, and she called Evenflo to ensure that it was safe to use (and was told that it was safe).  On July 16, 2000, however, an oncoming vehicle swerved into Malcom’s lane and forced her SUV off the road, causing it to roll three times and land in a ditch.  As it was rolling over, a plastic hook on the seat belt of baby Tyler’s car seat broke off, causing him to be ejected while still in the seat.  The infant suffered serious brain injuries that led to his death.  Now, years later, Jessica Malcolm will be compensated anywhere from $6.7 to $10.4 million in damages.

As an advocate for children who suffer brain injuries from accidents or abuse and families who have lost children due to brain injury, Chris Keane expresses his deepest sympathies to the family and friends of baby Tyler and others who have lost.  Although nothing can truly compensate for the tragic loss of a child, certain measures can be taken following wrongful death from brain injury to help the family as they recover.  If you have lost a child in a car accident or due to another incident that resulted in brain injury, feel free to contact child wrongful death and brain injury lawyer Chris Keane.  The Keane Law Firm will gladly provide you with the resources and assistance you need following this tragic loss.

Contact Chris Keane online or by phone at 1-888-592-KIDS.

This post was written by Logan on September 30, 2009
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