Symptoms & Signs of Head Injuries/Brain Injuries

The symptoms and signs of head injuries in children vary depending on the specific type, severity, and location of the injuries involved, but some of the neurological symptoms common among head- or brain-injured children are listed below (adapted from the Community Connect to Research site):

seizures or convulsions
loss of consciousness or “passing out”
memory loss
slurred speech
vomiting [...]

Amino Acids May Help Child Brain Injury Victims Improve Cognitive Functions

We recently added a FAQ to our website about current research on amino acids and their potential value to brain injury victims.  To read more about how amino acids may treat the brain damage that affects cognitive functions in children, click here.
As the “leading cause of death and disability in young children,” (according to the [...]

Lead Poisoning: A Brain Injury Suffered by Many Children

We recently added an article to our library about lead poisoning and child brain injuries.  Although lead poisoning “can affect nearly every system in the body,” according to the CDC, it is considered a head injury and a brain injury, which can result in learning or behavioral problems by the time a child is four [...]

Child Brain Injury Focus: Cerebral Palsy

One of the many types of child brain injuries we receive questions about is cerebral palsy.  A number of forms of the condition exist; cerebral palsy is simply and umbrella term that refers to a number of neurological disorders which result in abnormal movement.  Cerebral palsy can occur at various times in young children:

during pregnancy
during [...]