Licensed Daycare Provider Arrested After Baby Under Her Care Found With Brain Injuries

A licensed daycare provider in Salina, Kansas, was arrested Tuesday, November 17, after a baby under her care was diagnosed with a brain injury, according to the KSA Link website.  The site reports that the 5-month-old boy was taken to a local hospital after an EMS team found him unresponsive at the daycare provider’s home.  [...]

Conference on Child Brain Injuries to Host Nine Experts in the Field

Charleston, West Virginia is holding a conference on child brain injuries early this November in hopes to address the “silent yet serious epidemic” of brain injury to children, according to The Journal online.  Titled “My Child Has a Brain Injury: Information for Families and Schools,” the conference will host keynote speaker Ron Savage, president of [...]

4-Month-Old Baby Found With Bleeding of the Brain and Retinal Hemorrhages When Picked Up From Babysitter

A babysitter in Des Moines has been charged with felony child endangerment for allegedly abusing a 4-month-old baby who suffered a brain injury in the incident, according to the Des Moines Register.  Thirty-four-year-old Melissa Watts was recently arrested in connection with the tragic incident, which occurred when she was babysitting little Emiliano Ramirez.  According to [...]

Infant Suffers Brain Injuries From Abuse, Parents Charged With Child Endangerment | Child Brain Injury Lawyer

Although custody rights are still to be determined for the child, an infant boy who suffered serious brain injuries due to abuse from his parents has been released from the hospital in Des Moines and placed in long-term care, according to the Des Moines Register online.  The article reports that baby Ethan Neiderbach, now four [...]