Mother To Receive From $6.7 to $10.4 Million After Infant Suffered Fatal Brain Injuries in Car Accident

Following a tragic car accident that resulted in fatal brain injuries to her 4-month-old boy, mother Jessica Malcolm filed a lawsuit against Evenflo, the manufacturer of the child car seat her son was riding in at the time of the crash.  According to an article from Benchmarks/Lawyers USA, Malcolm received the child safety seat from [...]

Fall, School Sports, & Concussions | CA Child Brain Injury Attorney

Fall is here, beginning the sports season in the schools and, according to Dr. Joan Pellegrini’s article on the WABI TV5 website, beginning the time of year when concussions and other head injuries can be prevalent.  It’s important to note, however, than anyone can suffer a concussion anytime and at any age.  A concussion occurs [...]

Infant Suffers Brain Injuries From Abuse, Parents Charged With Child Endangerment | Child Brain Injury Lawyer

Although custody rights are still to be determined for the child, an infant boy who suffered serious brain injuries due to abuse from his parents has been released from the hospital in Des Moines and placed in long-term care, according to the Des Moines Register online.  The article reports that baby Ethan Neiderbach, now four [...]